Sharing the stories of God's work in our lives has been such an important part of Highrock from the very beginning. They remind us that God is still in the business of changing lives! Here are some of the stories of our church.


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Tiffany Yang

Tiffany used to define herself by her education and profession, but a layoff rocked her world.

Hugens Guillet

Hugens wanted to be baptized for a long time, but never felt "ready" or "good enough". 

Dale Vasconcellos

Coming from a place of brokenness, Dale built a life in which he had everything that he thought would make him happy, but something was still missing.

South Africa Trip 2014
Zimele Wethu Community Development

Recap of Highrock Quincy's 2014 trip to South Africa to visit Zimele.

Highrock Quincy Beginnings
Launch Team Vision Video

A glimpse back into the early moments as Highrock Quincy was just getting started.  This video was used as the church was launched in 2012.

Bill Wentworth

A brush with death served as a reality-check for Bill.

Vision Sunday 2016
A look at the year ahead

Just as Quincy is constantly beginning new construction projects to improve its infrastructure, God too is at work in his church here at Highrock, constantly changing, breaking, mending and improving us for his purposes.

Alice Emmanuel

"Me and God were more like acquaintances, we weren't really friends," says Alice of her childhood faith.

Highrock Vision
Spoken Word by Charles Skold

Spoken word and artwork inspired by Highrock's vision statement.

Bob Peculis

After two years of Bible class, Bob says, "It finally struck me...I finally accepted Jesus Christ as my savior."

The Story of Highrock Church
Many churches, One community

This video, shown at the first All-Highrock worship service, gives some insight into the heart of the Highrock church movement.  

Jennifer Tang

After years of feeling isolated and lonely, Jen describes how God filled the void in her heart.

Zimele 2018

The work of Zimele Wethu is nothing short of miraculous.  Zimele empowers communities to do what they never imagined possible.  This video captures the heart of this work.