King of Kings

Saul: The Insecure King

Stephen Sharkey
Jan 09, 2022
Series Description

There's a deep longing in all of us to see the restoration of our world. This God-sized idea has a biblical name called "the kingdom of God". We want this!  The very depths of our souls crave it. Our problem is not that we don't want the kingdom of God, our problem is that we so often reject the king. We want the kingdom without the King.  We would rather be the kings and queens of our own lives. In few other places is this rebellion more evident than in the scriptural accounts of the kings of Judah and Israel. In this new sermon series Pastor Stephen will help us as we uncover the good the bad and the ugly of the kings of Israel and how their stories intersect with our lives today. 

Sermon Description: 

We love to be the kings and queens of our own domains. Oftentimes our pride takes the form of great confidence, but sometimes that same pride exhibits itself as insecurity. King Saul shows us what it was like to reject the true King of kings and fall victim to his own insecurity.