No Words: Prayers for When We Don't Know How to Pray | 9 of 10

Praying Fast

John Mury
Sep 06, 2020
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Overwhelmed. There are moments when our pain feels so great and our need so enormous that we can't find the words to express it. We want to cry out to God for help but we don't even know where to begin! So often, we don't. And our pain and anger and fear become even more crushing. But it doesn't have to be that way! Throughout history, God's people have recorded real prayers with real power. Prayers that speak to the raw realities of injustice, loneliness, and desperation. But prayers that also speak to God's incredible righteousness, healing, and salvation! In moments when we don't have words, these prayers can become our own. This summer, we hope you will join us in praying these prayers, so that we can experience God's hope and power when we need it the most!