Lies Christians Believe...And the Truth that Sets Us Free | 2 of 11

Lie: "God Said it. I believe it. That settles it."

Stephen Sharkey
Jul 01, 2018
Series Description

So many things “sound true”.  Maybe they’re almost true.  Maybe we’d like them to be true. Often they're “true enough”… until something goes wrong, and in a dark moment we discover that what we’d trusted too quickly was actually not true after all!   

All of us have heard the cliches and platitudes that some Christians use to avoid dealing with reality. We use them to offer comfort in a difficult moment, but don’t realize the way they can hurt when they prove unreliable.  In this series we want to tackle some of the most common “Lies Christians Believe”, and discover beneath them the truth that can set us free, and will never let us down. 

Sermon Description: 

Lie: "The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it."

This Christian bumper sticker so oversimplifies our understanding of scripture that people of faith become little more than robots following the letter of the law instead of understanding the heart of God.  God's word is alive, and should be treated as a powerful living voice in our lives.  So how do we understand this living word in a way that gives us life?