Parenting Seminar - Sat. Nov 3, 2018

Oct 16, 2018

Join us at the church on Saturday, November 3rd from 10:00am til noon for a parenting seminar featuring the teaching of Brian Dietz, pastor of Marriage and Families at Highrock Arlington. The format will be short videos interspersed with break-out discussions.

Whether you are at your wit's end with one of your children, or you feel unable to prepare your child to live in today's world, or you're simply exhausted by the unending demands of parenting, this seminar will refresh and refocus you so that you can be a source of blessing to your child.  This seminar is the first in the MILESTONES parenting curriculum---"THE BLESSING."  The seminar is geared towards parents of preschoolers, but would benefit parents of any children up through elementary school. Light refreshments will be served.