Employment Opportunities

Jul 22, 2021

Highrock Quincy is seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

Next Gen Youth Director

Who is Highrock Quincy? 
Highrock Quincy is a 9 year-old church plant in Quincy, MA parented by the Highrock Network of churches and the Covenant denomination. Our mission is best summed up with the word “connecting” -- connecting to God personally; connecting to God’s people; and connecting to God’s purposes. We are a church of about 90-100 in weekly attendance. The make of the church is diverse, the majority being white and asian. While we have some diversity of age, most of the church is young, and our children’s ministry called KidsRock is relatively small, about 20-30 kids. Only in the past year have we started a volunteer-led youth ministry for the youth of the church. The youth are small in number, but growing with each new year. Each year on the first Sunday of June we celebrate the children and teachers with an annual “kidsrock” Sunday, and each October we host a “Highrock Hoedown” for the church and kids in the city. We’ve had small VBS programs run by interns from one of our larger network churches. 




Stephen Sharkey