40 Days of Prayer: Lent

Mar 1, 2019

We often picture Jesus as surrounded by people - his disciples, children, the sick, etc. However, did you know that many times Jesus ALSO took time alone out of his day - sometimes rising early or staying up late - to simply pray to his father? Jesus returned from these times of quiet prayer strengthened and resolved to carry on his mission - even as it led him to the cross. 

At Highrock we want to connect to God personally, connect to God's people, and connect to God's purposes. AND we believe, as Jesus showed us, that prayer is a powerful way to do all three. 

This Lent we invite you to be intentional about taking time each day to pray - talking and listening to the Lord - for forty days, from February 26th - April 12th. 

We ask that you commit to praying from 10-30 minutes each day. As part of our time spent in prayer, we invite you to participate in the 5-for-5 challenge - that is, taking 5 minutes a day to pray for 5 people in your life who don't know Jesus personally. The additional 5-25 minutes each day (your choice) will be spent in prayer for our Highrock community and the world around us. We hope you will join us in this prayer journey as we approach Easter - the celebration of Jesus' resurrection, and victory over sin and death - together!

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