New to Highrock?

We meet every Sunday at 10am for a contemporary worship service in a traditional sanctuary. Children up to 5th grade join us for the beginning of worship before being dismissed to our KidsRock children’s program. Following worship, we enjoy a simple (and free!) meal together prepared by volunteers at our church.

Sunday Service

Here are a few explainers about the Sunday experience, so that you can worry less about details and focus more on God in worship:


Come as you are! Some people come in t-shirts and jeans, and others come in business casual. There is no expectation that you should dress in a certain way to be here at Highrock!


One of the best ways to welcome visitors, as well as to help our growing church know each other, is through nametags. Someone's name is the most basic identity that should be acknowledged. So don't be surprised if one of our nametag greeters introduces themself and asks if you'd like a sticker nametag. The nametags are totally optional, too. If you'd like one of our permanent nametags with a Highrock lanyard, just go ahead and sign up; it'll be ready for you the next week!


If you have children under grade 5, ask a greeter and they’ll be happy to direct you where to go. Parent paging is also available for your peace of mind.

Tithes and Offerings

We worship with singing, music, and fellowship, and also by giving our tithe and offering. We tithe and give offerings to God to show that we trust in God alone, and not in the hopes and power of money. Once a month we come to give what God has required of us, and remember that everything we have is God's. As a visitor, giving your tithe or offering is completely optional.

Connection Cards

Connection cards are a way for us to get to know you and learn how to connect you with the information and people you’re looking for. Please fill out a card and drop it in the offering basket as it passes, or in a designated fancy glass jar at the rear of the sanctuary. You can also bring your card to the Connection Gathering at the end of service and hand it to one of our staff.

Project Blue

For each first time visitor who receives a Welcome Packet from our Open Door Ministry welcoming team, Highrock Quincy will donate $5 to Project Blue, an initiative of Covenant World Relief to raise awareness and funds to help people in need around the world gain access to clean water. 


After the end of each service, we continue our worship through food! Most Sundays, we gather for a meal called 'SoulFood'. No, it's not southern comfort food! It is a chance for us to share in community with one another, meet new people, and have a good time. We call these times SoulFood because we believe that eating together nourishes not only our bodies, but our whole being as we enjoy fellowship with one another. It is a great opportunity to make connections and meet new people — and it’s free!

Who to Ask for Help

Wondering where the bathrooms are? Have a question about our church? Find someone wearing an orange lanyard and he or she would be glad to help guide you or answer any questions you may have. Ushers, welcomers, and staff all wear yellow lanyards so they're easy to find.

Rest of the Week

Small Groups

Looking to connect with other believers during the week? Several groups with different focuses (men's, women's, Bible studies, etc.) meet throughout the week in local homes or at the church.  Find out more here.


There are several opportunities to serve the church and the community.  Visit our ministry page to learn more.  

Frequently Asked Questions