What is KidsRock all about?

Our program aims to connect your children…

  1. To God personally (as they learn to know and love Christ).
  2. To God’s people (as they fellowship, worship, and serve with the larger community of believers at Highrock Quincy).
  3. To God’s purposes (as they learn about and actively participate in His mission, learn about our 'Kids Helping Kids' partnership)

At KidsRock we have fun together, but beyond that our prayer is that the Lord uses the hour we have with the children every week to bring them into a relationship with Christ.  

When You Arrive

Look for the KidsRock sign when you enter the church.  A KidsRock Teacher will be there to meet your child and sign your child into KidsRock.  Once signed in, find a seat in the sanctuary.  The children will be dismissed following the opening time of worship. 

KidsRock Classes

Both the Little Rocks (age 3—Kindergarten) and the Rock Stars (grades 1—5) are escorted to their classroom by their teachers upon dismissal from service (approx. 10:20 am).  Their age-appropriate program includes a Bible lesson, crafts, games, an “everyone succeeds” Bible Memory program, regular times of Praise & Worship, a simple snack, and lots of encouragement along the way. 

  • Rock-a-bye Babies (nursery): Infant up to 3 Years
  • Little Rocks: Age 3 - Kindergarten
  • Rock Stars: Grades 1 – 5


Our Little Rock and Rock Star teachers employ the Orange curriculum each week to introduce our children to God and the Bible in dynamic ways appropriate to their age levels. As a bonus, parents are encouraged to download the Parent Cue app on their device to receive weekly prompts to reinforce each week's Sunday school lesson at home.   


Our Nursery and the Classrooms are all staffed by two CORI-checked caregivers who both love the Lord and children.  

Baptism and Dedication

For infants and young children who have not been baptized we offer both infant Baptism and Dedication.  For further information on these practices or to register for infant baptism or dedication, refer to the form here.  For older children who have not been baptised and have made a personal confession of faith to you, we encourage you to reach out to Pastor Stephen or Pastor Cindy to discuss baptism.   More information at our FAQ section.  

Monthly Schedule

The first Sunday of every month is ‘Family Sunday’.  On Family Sunday, the “Rock Star” class joins us for worship as we seek to expose them to a Sunday worship experience, including communion.  We encourage parents to discuss communion with their kids, and invite them to participate when they have made a personal commitment to Christ.  

Annual Schedule

KidsRock Sunday – Each June we set aside a Sunday to celebrate our Children and invite them more deeply into our worship experience together. 

Rest Month - We value rest for our volunteers, so our KidsRock volunteers rest for one month each summer.  The KidsRock ministry is available throughout the rest of the year, September through July. 

We look forward to ministering to your child(ren) this Sunday and beyond. If you have any questions about KidsRock, please contact our KidsRock Director Emma Coronella at 

Interested in becoming a KidsRock leader? Please visit the KidsRock Leaders ministry page here.