The Care Team at Highrock Quincy

At Highrock Quincy, we’re all about “connecting.” Connecting to God personally; connecting to God’s people; connecting to God’s purposes. But there are times in life when things feel more broken than connected.  Even good things can leave us feeling out of step.  (Just ask a new parent.)  In these times, many of us choose to disconnect because trusting God and His people is too hard. While it might seem easier in these unforeseen or challenging times to hide our struggles, we’d like to offer another option.

The mission of the Care Team at Highrock Quincy is to walk alongside people that they might discover (or rediscover!) just how passionately God cares about His children.  At Highrock Quincy we see everyone in the congregation as family; and we care deeply about everyone.  Some of Jesus’s earliest followers formed a team of “deacons” to help the early church leadership with caring for the needs of God’s people (Acts 6).  In keeping with this ancient tradition, our Care Team is comprised of spiritually-mature Deacons who have been elected by our church to serve as the hands of Jesus to people just like you.  

While holding all matters in confidence, our Deacons are available to help our church family in the following ways:


Allow us to come along side you and lift up your needs to our Heavenly Father.  Our Deacons will collectively and individually pray for your particular need and also are available after service for one-on-one prayer.  They will be wearing yellow lanyards, so they will be easy to find.


Please contact us if would like a Deacon to visit you---after church, at your home or in a medical facility.  

Facing Changes or the Unexpected

If you are at a loss as to how to manage a current spiritual, emotional, or financial crisis or challenge, please know that we want to help you make it through.  We will walk alongside folks who need help carrying their burden and provide practical support as we are able and the Lord leads.  Our work includes setting up Meal Trains (for families with new babies, for those recuperating from medical procedures, etc..), providing temporary emergency financial assistance on a case-by-case basis, assisting those unable to physically manage the day-to-day, and guiding through the process of bereavement.

Contact Us

Please let us know your need:

  1. Call 617-479-5728, option 4, to leave a confidential message that will be received within 24 hours.
  2. Email or reach out to one of our deacons directly (see individual emails on the Staff and Leadership page).