Why Quincy:

God is in Quincy right now, as a matter of fact, God’s been here for a long time.  You won’t catch us saying that Quincy or Boston are spiritual wastelands long abandoned by God.  Sometimes it may seem like that, but God never left Boston and he never left Quincy.  There are churches here who have been serving faithfully for generations.  Perhaps they are few, perhaps some have gone through a season of closing doors, but a remnant remains.  God is alive, and so is his church!  At Highrock we want to partner with what God is already doing in Quincy.

The people of Quincy represent a diverse spectrum of people from all different walks of life.  Black and White, Asian and Middle Eastern, Indian and Hispanic all call Quincy home.  We celebrate that diversity and seek to do the difficult but rewarding work of sharing life together, not just sharing classrooms and offices.  The city is also changing.  As is often the case in large metro areas the communities fluctuate as people move in and out.  This presents a great opportunity for a new church that can reach across social barriers and be the radically inclusive community that Christ sent the church to be. 

Quincy is a city with influence - A quick skim of the book of Acts shows the how in the few short decades after Jesus rose from the dead, the good news of resurrection spread like wildfire throughout the Mediterranean world.   The holy spirit enabled this rapid dissemination of the gospel by planting churches in cities of international and regional influence.  Beginning in Jerusalem, the Gospel spread from there to the huge metropolis of Antioch which eventually became a sending ground for missionaries who went to more cities throughout the Roman Empire. Cities like Ephesus in Asia Minor, Corinth in Greece, and Phillipi in Macedonia became regional hubs from which the Gospel could spread into the surrounding towns and country. 

Because of Quincy’s close relationship with Boston, we have a great opportunity for international and regional influence for the Gospel.   Boston is one of the most internationally influential cities in the world.  Bostonians know this, but it goes beyond mere hometown bravado.  People from all over the world come to Boston to work and be educated.  So we believe that if we can work with God to change Boston, then we can see the world changed for Christ.

We feel a particular call to Quincy because of Quincy’s unique situation as a city intimately connected to both Boston and the communities of the South Shore.  Everyday thousands of men and women cross the Neponset River from Boston into Quincy and from Quincy into Boston.  They go for work, for study, for recreation, or a place to sleep at night.  The relationship is undeniable, and the opportunity for gospel influence is great! 

Furthermore, we hope that Highrock Quincy can be a staging ground for more church plants in Boston, the South Shore, and other surrounding communities.  Just as the churches that Paul planted throughout the Roman Empire, had regional influence in their surrounding communities and countrysides, so too Quincy can be a launching pad for more churches to the North, South, East, and West.